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Simply put, Falcon WaterFree urinals save time and money, conserve tremendous amounts of freshwater and create more hygienic, odor-free restrooms.
Using water to dispose of water makes no economic sense, particularly in a world facing a very limited supply of readily available fresh water. Falcon WaterFree urinals save in three important ways:
Purchase Price:
Falcon systems are less expensive to purchase and install than flush urinals because they have no flushing mechanism. All that is required is a drainage outlet, typically less than an hour to install, and seconds to install the cartridge
Operating Costs:
Save 100% of the water going through urinals and 100% of water and sewer charges—both of which will certainly rise in the future.
Maintenance Costs:

Reduce maintenance to a periodic changing of the cartridge and quick cleanup as with traditional urinals. Eliminate costs associated with stuck or broken valves from normal wear and vandalism. Reduce pipe cleaning since lines remain free of calcification as no hard water is running through them. Reduce energy costs associated with transporting water to and from urinals.
Environmental Benfits

Preserving Our Resources
There are currently more than six billion people in the world, and this number continues to grow every second of every day. For centuries humans have used water to remove waste from our direct contact. One standard flush urinal uses approximately 40,000 gallons of water per year.
The potential savings created by our waterfree urinals could have a tremendous impact on our fresh water supply. Our Falcon Waterfree System is not only smart, it's a crucial investment for our future generations.
Remarkable Savings:
An average tanker truck holds approximately 4,500 gallons of water. Amazingly, one of our urinals can save almost nine tanker trucks of water in a single year. This means one cartridge alone saves more than two full tanker trucks of water
  Falcon urinals create more hygienic restrooms for two reasons:
  • First, they are touch-free so there is little chance of bacteria transfer possible with manual flush systems.
  • Second, since there is no water used there is no breeding ground for bacteria. In several studies, bacteria counts in restrooms with Falcon WaterFree urinals were significantly lower than those with manual or auto-flush urinals.
Falcon WaterFree urinals create more pleasant restrooms because they eliminate the ammonia odor caused when urine reacts with water to cause ammonia oxide. No water means no reaction. Next, remember that the sealant liquid in the cartridge is lighter than water and creates an airtight seal, so the urine passes through it and becomes trapped beneath it.


Saving money with Falcon WaterFree urinals is guaranteed vs. the cost to operate flush urinals. In fact, your savings can be projected quite accurately when you request a proposal from your representative. Samples of savings projections for various customers can be accessed from the link below.
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